From April, 2013

Getting Caught Up in Glasgow


Glasgow Locavore

 Step one of spreading the joys of aquaponics is to make friends with like-minded organisations. As I’ve recently moved to Glasgow, I decided to get in touch with Locavore, which focuses on sustainable local food projects in the city of Glasgow. As it happened, the folks at Locavore had caught the aquaponics buzz as well, and are eager to have a model system in their new shop to highlight the possibilities aquaponics can bring to home growing.

This presents my first challenge! A small-scale indoor aquaponics system that can be made low-cost, but that is also aesthetically pleasing enough to sit in a shop window and warm customers to the concept of aquaponics. Since the key restraints are space and budget, I’ve decided to go for a vertical system that takes advantage of the height of the window while working within the restrictions of the ledge on which the tank will sit. To keep costs low, this system will use as much recycled and up-cycled materials as possible. This is an approach I prefer to take anyway, since it encourages creativity with materials and highlights the grass-roots potential of aquaponics systems.

Bottles Up!

After hunting around for inspiration, I came across a beauty of a vertical bottle system designed by Dean from Urban Green Survival. This system utilises recycled plastic bottles to create a free-standing system that can easily be hooked up to a tank. I love how the bottles compartmentalise the produce and also how neat the whole system looks. I’ll definitely be drawing on this for inspiration when creating the wall system for the shop.

See Dean’s how-to videos here:

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as I wander the streets of Glasgow for irrigation piping, discarded palettes, and random containers to re-purpose as fish abodes!