From July, 2014

Eco Day!

We recently went out to a primary school just outside of Glasgow to talk about local growing and urban food with the Primary 6s. What a blast! We had a great time, and it looks like the students did too. We did a lot of group-based discussions around how and where food is grown, and covered topics from allotments to rooftop gardens to indoor growing (and of course aquaponics!)

We had a special presentation from the P7s that brought us through the two very different lifecycles of a standard store-bought tomato and a locally-grown organic tomato:

And everyone got to see (and smell!) first-hand some of the differences between them. Imagine the taste difference!

tomato smelling smelling tomatoes2

We were really impressed by the amount of knowledge the P6s already had about different ways to grow food: a lot of students had family members who grow food in their gardens, and some members of the Eco-committee expressed their interest in starting a school garden. We wanted all the students to take what they had learned home, so we did a self-watering planter out of upcycled plastic bottles (instructions can be found here).

bottle work smiley bottle

We were able to source some fantastic locally-grown chives from Urban Roots, and everyone got to plant and bring their own chives home, along with care instructions and a recipe card. We’ll be expecting lots of chive-topped baked potatoes in the coming months!

A great day was had by all, and we’re already looking forward to returning in the Autumn to install a classroom-based aquaponics system!