From October, 2015

Aquaponics at Oakgrove

A couple of weeks ago we installed our first classroom system in Oakgrove Primary – and a great day was had by all! We’ve been developing our lesson plans over the past year, and have come up with a collection of engaging and fun lessons that range from examining the system’s bacteria under microscopes to putting on a play that allows the students to explore the delicate relationships that are essential for the aquaponics ecosystem to thrive. All of the lessons link directly into the Curriculum for Excellence, providing teachers with a dynamic classroom tool.

guide and ystem

We also spent the summer designing a classroom-friendly aquaponics system that features an easy to use and maintain flood/drain system. This particular tank was stocked with 2 goldfish and a selection of edible plants including lettuce, chives, nasturtium, mint, and a pineapple sage plant – looks like sage, smells like pineapple, great in salads!

system 2                   top view

We spent the morning discussing where and how food can be grown, the aquaponics cycle, and how to care for the aquaponics system. The students also put on a play comparing the journeys of a locally grown organic apple and an imported commercially grown one – a highlight of the day for several students!

tale of two apples tale of two apples 3

The class will now look after the aquaponics system, including its two resident goldfish. We’ll check back in with the school periodically to see how they’re getting on, but based on the enthusiasm of the students we reckon the system is in good hands!

                               sinead 2   future food 2

future food