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Summer Growing

We have an array of lettuces and mixed greens growing in our workshop at the moment. Although we had a bumpy cycling – mainly in the form of acidic clay substrate that meant we had to buy in (and wash!) half a tonne of river stones instead in order to have a neutral growing matter – we got there eventually, and have 4 lighting rigs set up for each of the systems. These are mostly just to test various lights, plants, and conditions over the next few months.

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2015-09-05 11.59.18

2015-09-05 11.59.02

‘Pretty Vacant’ PechaKucha Night

Architecture and Design Scotland is hosting a fantastic night of talks on transforming vacant space, animating public space, and urban food growing on Thursday the 11th of September in the Whisky Bond in Glasgow. Urban Catch has been asked to give our take on the potential disused urban spaces have for growing food in our cities. Chuffed to be involved and really looking forward to it! Anyone interested in coming can learn more and purchase tickets from the Architecture and Design Scotland website.

pechakucha Founder on Aquaponics is at the forefront of aquaponics in Europe. They’re doing some great work with a few orgs we’ve been in contact with, and we look forward to working with them ourselves in the near future! Also gives some info on FARM:shop, an absolutely fantastic aquaponics hub in urban London. Chickens on the roof! Nice work, lads.