The Team

Sinéad Fortune

Founding Director

3e72eefSinéad’s background is in Food Security and Community Empowerment, and after completing her MSc in Environment and Development from the University of Edinburgh in 2012, her search to combine these two areas led her to aquaponics. She founded Urban Catch Aquaponics in 2013 to address issues of food insecurity and unsustainable food production as well as inspire and engage people about the food system and their role in it. Over the past five years she has represented Urban Catch on a local, national, and international level to encourage meaningful engagement in Glasgow. She is a contributing member of the EU Aquaponics Hub, a WiSEE (Women in Social and Environmental Enterprise) Finalist, Beyond the Finish Line 2014 Challenger, BioBase4SME at BioVale recipient, and Food Innovation Network Innovation Voucher Winner 2018.



Graeme Anderson

Technical Director

IMG_2480 (2)

Graeme comes from a background in fish biology research and has extensive experience in aquatic animal husbandry and also designing and building life support systems for them. He would like to look at how we can innovate in aquaponics and aquaculture via changes in feed production, culture new and varied species with less environmental impacts, harness new technology to grow our fish and plants better and look at how we can reduce our energy usage. Having recently gained a green(ish) thumb he also enjoys the challenges of growing food crops and providing optimal growing conditions.




Alastair Clyne

Business Director


Alastair is a highly skilled Business Director and and Project Leader with expertise gained across Government/public, private, Donor and NGO sectors within diverse International markets, economies, cultures and political situations. He brings a strong empathy and deep understanding of the key business, political, economic, financial, environmental and social issues affecting business and economic development. His commitment to social enterprise and empowerment, and his passion for developing genuinely sustainable projects, brings further strength and capability to the Urban Catch management team.



Charles Dick-Hutchinson

Education Consultant

Charles img

Having worked in community gardens in North Africa and Europe, Charles saw first-hand the impact of food sovereignty on a community’s resilience. Coupled with a background in group facilitation and a special interest in environmental education he decided to search for ways to bring ecological education to a point where it was both participative and transformative. He achieved an MSc in Holistic Science from Schumacher College in 2013. Since moving to Scotland, Charles has become passionate about designing living systems that can be brought into people’s classrooms and homes, and showing people that no matter where you live, there is always space to grow your own food!